Illuminant 3 New - UVSheltron
Illuminant 3 New - UVSheltron

Illuminant 3 New

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Disinfect desk tops, table tops, work stations, counter areas or any surface within minutes. Place the unit on a stable surface, set the timer, exit the room, and turn the unit on via the remote. Use our handy calculator to determine how long to set the timer
UV-C radiation has been used to  effectively defeat micro-organisms including viruses, bacteria, mold and spores since the 1970's.  
UV-C can be used in the transportation sector to disinfect interior surfaces in between rides or when loading or unloading passengers, and/or packages
It also has applications in the retail (shopping carts, counters), industry and offices sectors (elevators, lobby areas, cafeterias and break rooms, and restrooms.
In the food industry, UV -C can disinfect transport belts and packaging materials (yogurt cups, drinking bottles etc.). It can also be used to directly treat products to increase shelf life and preserve nutritional value (fewer preservatives required). To reduce mold growth or diseases by radiating them directly with UV-C.
When growing plants, it is possible to reduce mold growth or diseases by radiating them directly with UV-C. This helps to reduce the use of pesticides.UV-C offers extra security after cleaning.
For household equipment such as baby bottle sterilizers, dish dryers, etc., UV-C offers extra security after cleaning and helps to maintain a clean surface during storage.


We did 4 resident rooms, 2 shower rooms, and a tub room already this morning.  Would have taken all day with our other lights.  I am so liking this.

Everyone is super impressed with these lights.  We can do so much more, because of how quickly they work, and they are so much easier to use than our other ones.


Reason one

Reduction in the quantity and toxicity of chemicals used for disinfection.

Reason two

Decrease in the cost of cleaning supplies and downstream waste processes.

Reason 3

You and your team will have the peace of mind to work in a virus free environment while promoting an extra layer of defense for all.


Whether you’re disinfecting small items on your desk or a room spanning 9,000 square feet, UVSheltron has the tools that allow us to protect coworkers and customers in just a few minutes with 99.99 percent certainty.


UVSheltron has solutions for all spaces and places outside the human body…our homes, our workplaces, and our schools.