Agriculture series continuing with Cannabis grow house space and object disinfection

Agriculture series continuing with Cannabis grow house space and object disinfection

Part 2 of 3 agriculture series continuing with 
Cannabis grow house space and object disinfection.

John Palmer
Chief Executive Officer, UVSheltron


Recent research and testing efforts have led UVSheltron to embarking into the Agriculture Market—specifically Fresh, Fruit & Vegetable Transportation & Storage in addition to Cannabis Grow house Air, Space, & Object Disinfection. Reviews of recent academic research and an array of testing of our products have confirmed many value-added applications of UVSheltron products in the agriculture industry. 


Disinfection of spaces, surfaces, objects and tools:  Handling cannabis improperly by employees is one of the most common ways to spread contamination. Scrubs, face masks and gloves should be worn when handling plants. Tools that are used to grow and process cannabis, such as buckets, scales, scissors, chairs, and worktables can be a source of contamination.  Educating employees on proper handling and precautionary measures is the best defense to disinfect surfaces after each use. 

UVSheltron offers a full line of disinfection products that are easy to use, safe and effective. In minutes, all surfaces can be free of contamination.  Illuminant Towers are perfect for deep-clean, space disinfection between grow cycles.  Chamber and Elide cabinets are ideal for tool disinfection to prevent cross contamination. The Irrupt-2 Handheld is the right tool for targeted disinfection in hard-to-reach places. 


- Erysiphales/Golovinomyces (white powdery mildew)
- Botrytis Cinerea (gray mold)
- Fusarium spp (and all others)
- Aspergillus Niger (and all others)
- Listeria
- Staphylococcus (all)
- Salmonella
- EColi
- Hop Latent Viroid
- Pythium Ultimum


Detailed information regarding UV Sheltron devices:

  • UVC Surface/Space DisinfectionUVSheltron has several types of UVC surface disinfection devices to augment exiting cleaning crews for enhanced disinfection and cleanup:
  • Illuminant Towers: UVSheltron has 6-foot and a 3-foot towers called Illuminant-6 and Illuminant-3 respectively, and they can disinfect medium and large spaces up to 9,000 sq ft.  The towers fill the spaces with germicidal UVC light and disinfect floor to ceiling…. all vertical and horizontal surfaces that cleaning crews can and cannot reach.  Illuminant towers disinfect with 99.99% effectiveness in just a few minutes and without utilizing chemicals.
  • Object Disinfection: UVSheltron has several cabinets and handheld devices for object disinfection including cutting room tools.
    • Elide, Chamber, and Ark Cabinets for object disinfection: We make three cabinets or UVC boxes—” Elide,” "Chamber,” and “Ark.”  They range from Elide that is minifridge-size for desktop devices and small tools – to – Chamber that is locker-size cabinets for medium size tools and lab coats – to – the Ark that is big enough for wheelchairs and carts. 
      • UVSheltron Ark--Custom designed and tailor made: The Ark is the size of a walk-in closet and is specifically designed for large healthcare facilities requiring wheelchair and pushcart disinfection.  In just two minutes, the Ark utilizes 18 UVC lamps for 360-degree disinfection killing 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and mold. The Ark irradiates all wheelchair surfaces including seats, backrests, armrests, grips, spokes, and hardware; front and back, top to bottom.
    • Irrupt Handhelds for targeted disinfection: We have handheld devices called the Irrupt and it looks like a 2-foot shop-light. It permits targeted disinfection and is very popular with counter tops, cutting room surfaces, vehicle fleets, cafeterias, and industrial maintenance lines. 


How UVC works:  The devices work through Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI).  UVGI uses the short-wavelength UV-C light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids--disrupting the RNA/DNA and leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.  Our devices kill 99.99 % of hundreds of pathogens (including viruses, bacteria and hard to kill mold & spores) without toxic chemicals.

Information regarding UVSheltron UV-A Air Purification devices:

    • Pure Air 500 & Pure Air 200—“Protected by UVSheltron ~ Powered by Zentox:”  For occupied spaces--aerosol disinfection, these devices are the patented & proprietary UV air purifiers called “Pure Air.” Pure Air’s has been laboratory tested by the Public Health Agency of Canada and hospital tested at Wake Forest University.  They come in two portable models as well as installed ceiling devices that can disinfect rooms as large as 4,000 sq ft of airborne pathogens, perfect for common spaces such as FF&V storage and transportation vehicles, grow houses, cutting rooms, break rooms, waiting rooms, cafeterias, and conference rooms.  These devices draw in the contaminated air and use UV-A and a proprietary titanium dioxide catalyst to kill pathogens through Photocatalytic Oxidation. In other words, airborne organic pathogens, micro-bacteria, and other airborne substances to include VOCs are oxidized on the catalytic source.  Clean air is then propelled into the space.  They can run 24/7 and all operations are internal to the devices to include the UV light and oxidation.  There are no harmful emissions such as Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide. Pure Air purification systems are listed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for meeting EPA ozone emissions safety standards for air purifiers.
    • Best of breed:
      • Public Health Agency of Canada said: Pure Air “demonstrated a markedly higher rate of biological removal than any other units tested” and was “able to remove all organism types tested, including spores, mycobacterium, and viral species.”
      • Wake Forest University Medical School stated that Pure Air Devices showed a highly significant reduction in bacterial count at the head of patients’ beds by nearly three times the School of Medicine’s pre-experiment expectations.
    • Portable and ceiling-mounted: Pure Air devices are available as portable units or ceiling-installed devices
    • Test Reports: Test reports are available upon request.


    CONTACT UVSHELTRON:  Contact UVSheltron by email at, view products and purchase at, or phone 888-877-7946. 

    SUPPORT OUR TROOPS:  Five percent of all UVSheltron profits are donated to veteran’s organizations. 

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