This week’s edition is devoted to one of UVSheltron’s hottest new ultraviolet disinfection products:

The UVSheltron ARK

Ark is our largest device, and it is a UVC cabinet the size of a walk-in closet designed to disinfect wheelchairs, push carts, and mobile computer stations. It can be utilized by airports, schools, military units, sports teams, and healthcare facilities.

ARK: Our most recent customer is a major mid-western healthcare facility. They have over 300 wheelchairs that can be disinfected in the Ark after every patient use in only one-to-two minutes per chair and without chemicals. This healthcare facility is also using the UVSheltron Ark for phased medical cart disinfection.



Ark’s dimensions are 76” H x 40” W x 54” D. This UVSheltron hot seller boasts 18 UVC lamps emitting 254nm ultraviolet light in the C-band—otherwise known as UVC. The number and type of lamps provide optimal killing power and permit Ark to inactivate hundreds of pathogens on wheelchairs and carts in only a couple of minutes with 99.99% effectiveness and without chemicals.

Ark has an 8-inch LCD touch screen for user interface and a proximity card reader for secure cycle start. We offer an optional integration package with E-Ink tags for asset tracking/aging.

For safety: Ark is equipped with a door safety interlock mechanism that prevents accidental UV exposure.


Other UVSheltron products:

Pure Air 500 & Pure Air 200 — “Protected by UVSheltron ~ Powered by Zentox": These devices are the patented UV air purifiers called “Pure Air,” and they have been laboratory tested by the Public Health Agency of Canada. They come in two models and can disinfect rooms as large as 4,000 sq ft of airborne pathogens…. perfect for common spaces such as waiting rooms, cafeterias, and conference rooms. These devices draw in the contaminated air and use UV-A and a proprietary titanium dioxide catalyst to kill pathogens through Photocatalytic Oxidation…in other words, airborne organic pathogens, micro-bacteria, and other airborne substances are oxidized on the catalytic source. Clean air is then propelled into the space. They can run 24/7 and all operations are internal to the devices to include the UV light and oxidation. There are no harmful emissions such as Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide. Pure Air purification systems are certified by the California Air Resources Board for meeting EPA ozone emissions safety standards for air purifiers.

Surface Disinfection: UVSheltron has several types of surface disinfection devices:

Illuminant-6 & Illuminant 3 Towers for space disinfection: We make 6-foot and a 3-foot towers called “Illuminant-6” and “Illuminant-3” respectively, and they can disinfect medium and large spaces up to 9,000 sq ft.

Elide, Chamber, and Ark Cabinets for object disinfection: We make three cabinets or UVC boxes—”Elide,” "Chamber,” and “Ark.” They range from minifridge size for desktop devices – to – locker size cabinets for lab coats and first responder gear – to – the previously discussed Ark that is big enough for wheelchairs and carts.

Irrupt Handhelds for targeted disinfection: We have handheld devices called “Irrupt” and it looks like a 2-foot shop-light….it permits targeted disinfection and is very popular with vehicle fleets, fitness centers, bars, restaurants, and industrial maintenance lines.


How UVC works: The devices work through Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). UVGI uses the short-wavelength UV-C light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids--disrupting the RNA/DNA and leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. Our devices kill 99.99 percent of hundreds of pathogens (including viruses, bacteria and hard to kill mold & spores) without toxic chemicals.