Does UV Light Kill Mold? 

According to homeinspectorsecrets.com’s 2021 Ultimate Guide, the answer is “Yes.”  We at UVSheltron have been advising mold abatement and restoration companies on the utilization of UVC for some time.  Homeinspectorsecrets.com highlighted numerous sources including the U.S. National Library of Medicine showing the disinfectant characteristics of UV light through the disruption of DNA by changing the make-up of pathogen molecules.  According to the article, “When the DNA ‘arrangement’ is changed, it causes defects in the cell reproduction of the mold and it will eventually lead to cell death---when the cells die, the mold dies.”

Best Conditions for UV Light to Kill Mold:  Homeinspectorsecrets.com further calls out three key factors to enhance UVC efficacy as follows:

  1. Light Intensity:  Weak UV light is ineffective.  UV lights of at least 8 watts are recommended.  UVSheltron surface disinfection devices deliver 17 watts of UVC per lamp.
  2. Line of sight: For mold—as for all pathogens, there must be line of sight for the UVC to irradiate and have a germicidal impact on the microorganisms.  UVSheltron has devices with optimal killing power that can execute Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) in spaces as large as 9,000 square feet—provided a line of sight between the lamps and the pathogens is achieved.
  3. UV lamp debris: Lamps must be kept free of dust and debris to optimize the disinfection power of a UVC germicidal device.  UVSheltron lamps are easily accessible for rapid wipe-down with a dry cloth without having to remove any device panels or the UVC lamps themselves.


UVSheltron Mold Abatement ProtocolUVSheltron design-engineering and microbiology teams have developed a mold abatement protocol for restoration companies to utilize.  UVSheltron’s mold abatement protocol is as follows: 

  1. Identify the pathogen.
  2. Determine best tool for remediation (Illuminant tower or Irrupt handheld).
  3. Go to the UVSheltron calculator at https://calculator.uvsheltron.com to determine disinfection time for the type of gear used (Irrupt handheld or Illuminant towers).**
  4. Disinfect space or surfaces before traditional treatment/tear out.
  5. Disinfect space or surfaces again with UVC after treatment with conventional techniques to inactivate microscopic pathogens that are invisible to the naked eye.


**If your abatement teams encounter mold types that are not on the calculator, please let us know and we can add pathogens and appropriate disinfection times through research by our microbiology team.

**For illuminant tower use--If the space has only one wall with suspected pathogens (mold), the abatement team could place the tower about 5 or 10 feet away from the wall and calculate 5x5 ft or 10x10 ft room disinfection to reduce the time of irradiation for the targeted wall.


UVSheltron products:

  • Pure Air 500 & Pure Air 200—“Protected by UVSheltron ~ Powered by Zentox:”  These devices are the patented UV air purifiers called “Pure Air,” and they have been laboratory tested by the Public Health Agency of Canada.  They come in two models and can disinfect rooms as large as 4,000 sq ft of airborne pathogens…. perfect for common spaces such as waiting rooms, cafeterias, and conference rooms.  These devices draw in the contaminated air and use UV-A and a proprietary titanium dioxide catalyst to kill pathogens through Photocatalytic Oxidation…in other words, airborne organic pathogens, micro-bacteria, and other airborne substances are oxidized on the catalytic source.  Clean air is then propelled into the space.  They can run 24/7 and all operations are internal to the devices to include the UV light and oxidation.  There are no harmful emissions such as Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide. Pure Air purification systems are certified by the California Air Resources Board for meeting EPA ozone emissions safety standards for air purifiers.
  • Surface DisinfectionUVSheltron has several types of surface disinfection devices:
  • Illuminant-6 & Illuminant 3 Towers for space disinfection: We make 6-foot and a 3-foot towers called “Illuminant-6” and “Illuminant-3” respectively, and they can disinfect medium and large spaces up to 9,000 sq ft.     
  • Elide, Chamber, and Ark Cabinets for object disinfection: We make three cabinets or UVC boxes—”Elide,” "Chamber,” and “Ark.”  They range from minifridge size for desktop devices – to – locker size cabinets for lab coats and first responder gear – to – the previously discussed Ark that is big enough for wheelchairs and carts. 
  • Irrupt Handhelds for targeted disinfection: We have handheld devices called “Irrupt” and it looks like a 2-foot shop-light….it permits targeted disinfection and is very popular with vehicle fleets, fitness centers, bars, restaurants, and industrial maintenance lines. 

How UVC works:  The devices work through Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI).  UVGI uses the short-wavelength UV-C light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids--disrupting the RNA/DNA and leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.  Our devices kill 99.99 percent of hundreds of pathogens (including viruses, bacteria and hard to kill mold & spores) without toxic chemicals.