Can UV Air Purifiers be used to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables?

The answer is unequivocally “Yes.”

A review published in the June 2019 “Trends of Food Science & Technology” highlighted a study entitled “Recent advances in detecting and regulating ethylene concentrations for shelf-life extension and maturity control of fruit.”  The study examined the science of fruit and vegetable maturity and the impact of ethylene regulation on quality and shelf life. Ethylene detection and monitoring mechanisms were also described. Moreover, shelf life extending technologies for ethylene control were cataloged and evaluated.

Can UV be utilized to battle the Delta Variant? 

There are many experts who say “yes,” and a call to action for use of UV devices against COVID-19 variants is starting to gain steam. UVSheltron manufactures and sells an array of products that Aide in the defense of Covid-19 Variants and kill 99.99 percent of hundreds of pathogens (including viruses, bacteria & mold) without toxic chemicals.

Does UV Light Kill Mold? 

According to’s 2021 Ultimate Guide, the answer is “Yes.”  We at UVSheltron have been advising mold abatement and restoration companies on the utilization of UVC for some time.